Clos Alzeto

The vineyard

Facing south southwest, dominating the region’s 3 gulfs, the domain, then composed of about ten hectares in the seventies then expanded and took over the hillsides and mountain to extend to over 50 Ha today.
Its great elevation makes it the highest-altitude vineyard in Corsica, allowing it to benefit from its seaside climate, warm in the day and cooler at night.+Read more

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The vineyard

The creation and maintenance of the domain has always been done with respect for nature and, the surrounding environment. The little shepherds cabins have all been preserved during planting, existing trees were saved where possible and the little stone walls were maintained.

We also wanted to maintain the traditional association between the vineyard and the olive tree while developing our hundred-year-old olive orchard with new plantations.

The Terroir

Several factors give our wines, a very distinctive, particular character than those found even in our AOC certified Ajaccio plantation.
-The high altitude planting of our parcels, located at',' 300 to 500 m over sea level,  are the signature of a flavour balance in our wines, with this virtue of delicateness of taste.
- The diversity and originality of our soils. Although all terraced and granitic in character,', one can find sandy soils in terraces of, granitic soils mixed with a clay colluvium or a very stony accumulation cone. This type of soil is without doubt the most atypical. Some twenty hectares are planted on this mountainside with this deep and filtering, earth, composed of , brown granite gravel in decomposition, with a subsoil that is rich in moisture.
From this grand parcel are born, elegant wines of great finesse and minerality  the signature of the Clos d'Alzeto.<br /> -The balance between localegional grapes.<br />An ever deeper understanding of the characteristics of each of our parcels, allows us to adapt, as we evolve the structure of our plantations and rework, the vineyards and soils as a function of the desired harvest.<br />This controlled heterogeneity is doubtless a great wealth that,' allows us to prepare a very broad palette of wines from the rose to the late vendanges in white or red, while passing through dry whites or reds that are fruity or bold.