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The Chai

Upon arrival in the cellar, these grapes,' having received all of our attention on the vine, now deliver all of their virtues. It is now that we use our most modern techniques, though still based on physical rather than chemical processes.+Read more

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The Chai

Among these ...Pneumatic pressing for whites and roses, ensuring the most gentle, qualitative pressing. Temperature control in the fermentation phase allows us to preserve the diverse aromas of our grapes. Automated tanks allow for a perfect extraction of the colour and tannins as a function of the grapes and varieties. Tapered winemaking tapered vats with full openings for manual pigeages from the perfect level above the marc. This ensures a complete respect for the raw materials and a total reflection of the terroir in the red wine prepared in this way.<br /> <br />An automated, vertical press, located beside the vats and tanks, allows for racking and pressing without any disturbance of the marc. And many other indispensable tools lead to products of reliable and constant quality, including peristaltic pumps, a low pressure bottling machine, etc... the list is very long. Finally whatever the colour, the wines of the domain Clos d'Alzeto, White, Rosé, Red, you will find a natural and authentic product.